Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have moved

This blog never really got off the ground, however, you can now find me over here it's just an everyday tumblr account, but I post a bit of everything.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cooking with Caroline

It's been a long time since I last made a post, I've been so busy and not really known what to write about that I just sort of gave up.
However, over the last few months, after having been thinking increasingly of wanting to go into food journalism when I graduate, I thought it might be a good idea to reactivate the old blog.

So shortly, there will be some recipes up here along with photographs that you can all try and hopefully enjoy, that is, once I get enough people to cook for, because I don't really want to cook a huge meal just for little old me.

I'm currently working and trying to perfect the recipes that will feature on this blog, so hopefully within the next few weeks there should be something up for you all to try, and there will be many different cuisines to try from, so hopefully, something for everyone.

Until then, I wish you all well and happy eating.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


I must apologise to those that read this blog, if there are indeed any at all, for the lack of updates.. I just got a bit bored of Big Brother. The tasks seem to be rather boring and with all the housemates who do indeed cause conflict having been voted out week after week, the house itself if pretty boring..

Just the boring housemates that don't really do much, like Imogen, are left and they're all pretty mellow and nothing really happens..

Maybe the new house will prove to be more exciting, with Aisleyne or Suzie, not actually being evicted, unbeknown to the housemates, but going into 'the house next door', with 5 brand new housemates..

Since that last post, Sam the man went out, the next week Grace followed suit to the delight of the public and choruses of 'get Grace out'.. followed the next week by Lisa, the loud Chinese girl.. she actually managed not to swear in the whole of her interview..

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another walk another eviction

OK, so I haven't really updated this since Bonnie left, for a few reasons, firstly I spent most of last week at the humble abode of my dearest and secondly, I've been ill..

So anyway, to keep this short, George walked, because he said he wouldn't be able to cope with the fame and notoriety once leaving the house, if he actually got evicted..

Then came nominations and the housemates up for eviction were, Lea, Richard and Sleazer Sezer..

Now Lea was convinced she was going.. Richard wasn't sure who was going, and Sezer was convinced that Lea was going too.. So much so that he kept bragging that he wouldn't go out against someone like that, because all the girls would vote to keep him in.. Little did he know..

Several episodes of the same sort later, with Sezer being completely unaware of his outright male chauvanism, eviction night came.. and when Davina let it be known that it would be Sezer that would be the second housemate to be evicted, he could not have been more shocked..

The majority of the house however seemed delighted.. On coming out of the house, Sezer saw ow he had been edited and realised the extent of his vulgarity, and actually wasn't all that bad in interview.. but he gained the highest ever percentage of the vote to be booted out of the house.. a staggering 91.7%..

All the ladies that would apparently vote to keep him in, had actually voted against him, not because they liked Lea or Richard more, but just because they hated them less than they hated him.. they were offended that he loved himself so much that he should think that every woman in the country would love him too..

In other news, the house gained 2 new people.. in the lovely Grace's words, a He-She named Sam (Samuel or Samantha, you take your pick) and another silly blonde ghetto bitch, who is the biggest moose ever named Aisleyne. The new housemates arrived as prizes for winning a task..

Saturday, May 27, 2006

More happenings in the world of Big Brother

I keep forgetting about this blog so I neglecting it a little.. anyway over the last few days there have been a few interesting developments within the BB house..

After Shabaz went, it was revealed that Dawn had a not so secret code. Before entering the house Dawn had arranged with her family to send her messages, so if she was getting bad press they were to send a message saying her sister was ill..

So the rest of the housemates were a bit sorry for smelly Dawn (she refused to wash in the whole week of being there) thinking that her sister was ill.. whilst all the time what it actually meant was that Dawn had been getting bad press on the outside..

Anyway Dawn, (obviously she's not too bright and forgets that the house is full of microphones and cameras, not to mention the mic around her neck) anyway she starts whispering to the housemates that it's alright and her sister isn't really ill.. it's just a secret code she has..
BB hearing this, haul Dawn in to the diary room for a severe bollocking because of rule breaking, and then chuck her out..

So Dawn, was the first housemate to cheat in this way since Nasty Nick way back in series one and get thrown out of the house for it..

So there were 2 housemates gone within the first week and it hadn't even been eviction night.. So then it came, and surprise surprise Bonnie was the first housemate to be booted out by public nomination.. The interview was boring, but then Bonnie can't speak properly.. Where is she from? I mean who really has an accent like that.. anyway there we have the happenings of the first week in the BB house.. and what an eventful week

Three housemates gone.. what more has BB got in store for the housemates..? I'll be watching to find out..

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

He's Outta There

Yes, that's right.. Shabaz annoyed everyone so much that they all took to ignoring him, and then he left..

It all started really on BB launch night.. Shabaz was too gay even for Mr Sexual Terrorist- Richard..

Over the next few days he didn't talk to people, he grabbed them and if they didn't agree with his way.. their way was wrong..

Then he started getting in moods with people and crying and generally over-acting and playing up for the cameras a little too much

So Richard devised that they should all ignore Shabaz and exclude him from the group.. 'Shabang, and Shabaz will be gone'.. or something along those lines..

Shabaz not happy with being ignored.. stole all of the housemates food, placed it in binliners and hid it in a box.. later claiming BB had been in and taken it all away.. he also rewrote the housemates shopping list..
The housemates by this time didn't really start speaking to him rather than shouting at him..

Shabaz once again the centre of attention and in floods of tears proceeded to pack his bags..

Bye Bye Shabaz..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More developments in the BB house

One of the first big discoveries, although not exactly a surprising one, was the revelation of Lea's porn star past.. thankfully I haven't actually seen the evidence, but I have it on good authority that it was not a pretty sight..

Sezer was hot under the collar for Imogen and the pair have been getting closer over the past few days..

Dawn, the people hater, is actually becoming a mum to the group as is Lea, they are the oldest two women of the group though..

Several members of the Big Brother house have kept quiet and haven't really integrated in to the group as well as others.. Bonnie is one of these.. it's her own fault though for sounding so stupid when she speaks.. Glyn is another.. he's only 18 though.. and then there's George, another young one.. it really does make me feel old when i'm older than quite a few of the housemates..

Nikki is just a moaning spoiled brat.. it's obvious that all her life she's had everything that she wants done for her.. and now BB won't give her bottled water.. she claims she's going to die..
Also the holding back of suitcases until housemates became members of the Big Brotherhood proved to be rather funny.. especially with the case of Nikki.. I hope she never gets her clothes..

As for Shabaz.. at first he was my favourite, now just like the rest of the house, i'm rather fed up of him.. the rest of the housemates have now excluded him and are ignoring him, to which Shabaz responded by stealing all of the food and hiding it away, making the claim that Big Brother had been in and taken the food away

Richard- the sexual terrorist- is now my new favourite.. he seems quite sensible and is the daddy of the house..

Pete, although he has tourettes seems to be everyone's favourite within the house.. good for him..

Overall this has been one of the most eventful first few days that we have seen so far in the BB house.. not in terms of the cruelty of BB, but just in the amount of conflict that has been present between the housemates.. This BB could prove to be rather interesting..